“Enjoy cycling without the need to balance”

All the adult Tri-Rider trikes are well equipped with a large basket (except for the industrial trikes), large comfortable saddle, wide and high handlebars and front and rear brakes.

The best selling adult tricycles in the Tri-Rider range are the 24″ wheel size model #96243, equipped with Shimano 6 speed SIS, and the deluxe version adult tricycle model 96245. The deluxe trike has a stylish sloping frame, a plusher saddle, mirrors and bell. We also have a very popular semi-recumbent version of the adult tricycle, model 98223, which has a lower and larger seat with backrest and a very low step-over.

Our heavy duty tricycles called the “Industrial”, are available for commercial users and for people who want an extra tough trike. The model 96442 is a single speed and the 96443 is a three speed version.

We offer several other 24″ trikes including the Capri 6 speed, the single speed 96242 with rear coaster brake, a lower priced single speed model 96241 with front and rear hand operated brakes, and a three speed tricycle model 96403. For smaller adults, children and people with special needs or particular handicaps, we stock the three wheel bicycles in 20″, 16″ and even 8″ wheel sizes. Our newest model trike is the Tri-Rider fat trike with 20×4″ wheels. Besides the convenience of being easy to store it also has the lowest possible step-over height of only 12″.

Our Twin Tri-Rider tandem tricycle can carry two adults or one adult and an older child. Now two people can enjoy cycling together even if the stoker (rear seat rider) cannot ride a bike because of lack of balance or being blind.

The folding CarryAll tricycle is extremely light and compact and folds in seconds. We also have the Margay for people with CP type disability and the HandCycle special needs hand powered recumbent trike. Another interesting model from Pacific is the 4 wheeled quad cycle called the 2Rider which can carry two adults and two kids.

A powerful electric hub motor kit can be installed on the Tri-Rider tricycles and we also offer two models electric hybrid tricycles, the Elek-trike by Tri-Rider and the E-Trike Li. Select a model from the menu for more information.