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Tri-Rider E-Trike Li red

Model 98186R
Tri-Rider E-Trike Li red

Tri-Rider E-Trike Li blue

Model 98186R
Tri-Rider E-Trike Li red

E-Trike Li

The E-Trike Li electric tricycle has an alloy frame, a 36V/10.4 Ah Samsung Li-ion battery, 36V250W brushless geared motor, three level pedal assist.

Available in blue (#98186B) or red (#98186R).


Note: As of August 23, 2018, a 25% tariff is applicable on electric vehicle products being imported into the United States from China.


Model 98186:  $1,519.00
+ Shipping (via courier):  $160.00
+ Import tax/duty (25%):   $380.00

Prices in shopping cart are in US Dollars.

 E-trike Li Red Six-Speed - model 98186R

 E-trike Li Blue Six-Speed - model 98186B


Transport rates are for the lower 48 continental US states only.
Please call for rates to other locations.


E-trike Li Assembly Guide Adobe PDF file

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