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Honda M8 Electric Bike

Bad Boy Chopper

Baad Rad Fat Bike Electric

Scout Fat Bike Electric

Elek-Trike Tri-Rider

eTrike Li

eRider Electric Bicycle

eRider MTB Electric Bicycle

ePed Hub Motor Kit

Tri-Rider Electric

2Rider Electric

Cool eTrike Recumbent

Dash Folding Electric Bicycle

Super SOCO Electric Bike


Electric power offers a green solution for now and the future. Our electric assist bicycles and electric trikes can also be pedal powered and are designed to meet federal requirements for use where-ever bikes are allowed.

The Belize Bike electric power product selection is quite extensive and includes the E-Rider electric bicycles, the Porta-Bike Dash Folding Electric bicycle, the Tri-Rider Elek-Trike electric tricycle and various models of electric kits for trikes and bikes.

For further information on the electric and electric assist products just click on the items on the right.