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Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike

Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike
Red Tandem Trike with 6-speed
Model: 95246R

Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike

Blue Tandem Trike with 6-speed
Model: 95246B

Twin Tri-Rider Tandem Trike with Alloy Frame
Tandem Trike with Aluminum Alloy Frame and 6-speed
Model: 95247

The Twin Tri-Rider tandem tricycle makes a wonderful 2 person cycle.
The high quality made in Taiwan tandem trike comes in either a vivid red color or brilliant blue. Features include high rise handlebars, heavily padded and sprung saddles, 24" front and rear wheels, large rear basket, front and rear fenders, reflector kit, front and rear hand operated brakes and a Shimano 6 speed thumb shift transmission for easy cruising. A great tandem for those who don't wish to balance.

Cost (USD):
Model 95246 R/B - $965.00 plus shipping $220.00
Model 95247 R/B - $988.00 plus shipping $220.00

Twin Tri-Rider Red

Twin Tri-Rider Blue

Twin Tri-Rider Red with Alloy Frame

Twin Tri-Rider Blue with Alloy Frame

Transport rates are for the American lower 48 continental states only.

Belize Bicycle

Alloy Backrest

Alloy Backrest

All alloy construction, easy installation and adjustability, high quality, sturdy and very comfortable, a great accessory for your trike.

Model 96900.1 (for Deluxe, Capri, Industrial, Twin Tri-Rider and 20" Folding (1-1/8" seat posts))
COST: US$71.95 plus freight US$24


Belize Bicycle
Weighted, balanced pedals with strap

Strap pedals

Special strapped and weighted pedals for greater security and comfort
Item: 96018.4, 9/16" thread - $28.95 plus freight US$15


ALLOY BACKREST - Backrest for 20" and 24" trikes.

 Pedals with straps

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Transport rates are for the American lower 48 continental states only.

Tandem riding is great fun for a couple. A Twin Tri-Rider tandem allows two cyclists of different experience and ability to ride together. The tandem can enable a handicapped person who couldn't otherwise ride a bicycle to share in the joy of cycling. The tandem can allow a parent to enjoy cycling together with a child.

"Nicole from Arcade, NY finds the Twin Tri-Rider Tandem amazing and says it works great!"

Twin-Tri-Rider Tandem Electric Trike
E-1 electric scooter

For many adult tricycle riders electric assistance is a feature that they would like to have. The new E-Ped 48V/500W front brushless hub motor will meet their needs. The riders will have the freedom to travel far further than on a regular trike and still be able to pedal for exercise. It cruises at 10-15mph and with some pedal assistance will go for over 20 miles. This is a heavy duty 500 Watt – 48V front drive brushless motor and long lasting 12 amp/hour sealed batteries. The cost of the motor kit is USD 1,099.95 plus an additional USD 90.00 for shipping in the continental US.

   48V/500W" E-Ped hub motor

Prices in shopping cart are in USD.
Transport rates are for the American lower 48 continental states only.

Tandem Tri-Rider with riders


Twin Tri-Rider Assembly ManualAdobe PDF file