Tri-Rider Elektrike
Model 98183R (Red)
Tri-Rider Elektrike

Model 98183B (Blue)


Tri-Rider Elektrike

Model 98183Y (Yellow)


For many adult tricycle riders electric assistance is a feature that they would like to have. The new Tri-Rider “Elek-trike” will meet their needs. The rider will have the freedom to travel far further than on a regular trike and still be able to pedal for exercise. It cruises at 8-10mph and with some pedal assistance will go for over 20 miles. Built very solidly it has a heavy duty 450 Watt – 24V rear drive system and long lasting 20 ampere sealed batteries. The Tri-Rider “Elek-trike” is not a kit but a complete high quality electric tricycle. Easy to assemble and easy to maintain. It comes equipped with fenders, basket, front and rear brakes, key switch, battery meter and smart charger. SIZE: W-30″, L-69″, H-42″ (H-38″ with handlebar rotated down).

Available as a 3-speed in Red, Blue or Yellow.
Models 98183R, 98183B or 98183Y;
Suggested retail price:
Model: 98183 – CAD $2099.00 – plus transport and dealer prep

Elektrike components


Belize Bicycle
Alloy Backrest
All alloy construction, easy installation and adjustability, high quality,
sturdy and very comfortable back support. A great accessory for your trike.
Model 96900.1 (1-1/8 seat post adaptor)
Suggested retail CAD $80.00 



Belize Bicycle
Elek-trike with optional
front Hub Motor Kit

BELIZE TRI RIDER 12 tricycle
The E-Ped electric hub motor kit can be easily fitted to the Elek-trike. This will add front wheel drive as well as a longer range to the Elek-trike’s 500W, belt drive rear motor. The rear motor will supply the capability to climb any hill and the front motor the speed to cruise at a higher speed. We supply the front wheel motor already mounted in the rim. With the kit installed the Elek-trike can cruise at up to 22 mph. You can pedal assist at any time and by pedal assisting the trike will have a longer range. The kit includes a 500 watt front hub motor, a 3 x 12AH battery pack, controller, throttle with battery meter and a 36V charger. The rear motor is operated with a thumb throttle and the front motor with a motorcycle type throttle. Depending upon conditions, speed, pedal assistance and terrain you can travel from 20-40 miles with both rechargeable battery packs. The included battery charger has a light indicator to let you know when it is fully recharged. Recharging the battery packs usually takes several hours depending upon how drained they became.

Model: 98200N
36V-12Ah, 500 Watt
SLA (sealed lead acid) hub motor kit.

Suggested retail price:

Model: 98200N – CAD $1,075.00 – plus transport and dealer prep

Other models of Hub Motor Kits are available.